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Guy Duffner
Philosophy 117
21 April 2008
Phenomenology 21 - Wikiplan Picture

Having the same appearance as bars of solid gold, three piano pedals invite the eye’s touch equally as much as they beg for the caress of a curious hand or naked foot. What is it about smooth, shiny objects that magnetically draw our attention to them?

As I close my eyes, I imagine my fingers walking themselves over the entire surface of the left and right pedals. The skin of the brass feels cool, doesn’t it?! Not cold, but cool like the body of a snake is cool. The smell makes me think of blood, a very subtle, but sharp, metallic odor. My imagination digs deeper to capture the acute electric taste of these metal handles.

There is something so very non-living in the solidity of the metal; but wait, not alive? How can something so alive be not alive? This makes me question what it means to be alive. In my opinion, everything is alive. If there is energy, there is life! No matter how great or small, tangible or intangible, black or white everything is composed of energy. So I guess that means that everything is alive in my world!

When I see the radiation of light and distorted reflection of my face within the body of these three refractive golden feet, I wonder what they are feeling. Are they looking back at me? When I slide my hand over their anatomy, do they feel my warmth? Do they question my motives? Maybe they purr like a happy cat. I think they smile.

I believe that the pedals live in constant bliss! I imagine what a satisfying occupation it would be to amplify and tone the harmony radiating from a piano. The only potential problems I surmise existing are the periods of inactivity between sessions. I bet that’s why there are three of them, to keep each other company. There are also many strings and keys and bolts and nuts and screws and glue and hinges and wood to help keep company. I enjoy the thought of watching the maker of the very first piano crafting a product together that would eventually emit such beautiful sound.

Wonderful emotions are tugged from our bodies through music. The piano digs deep into my childhood and stirs amazing memories. I will never forget the pedals on my great grandmothers piano. Although they were the same color and texture, the shape was slightly more inviting, they were rounded on the front instead of being square!! I will always have a fantastic recollection of my life surrounding the thought of my bare feet hugging the tops of those little brass fellows.

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