Changes, Transaction, Exchange of Physics Book

Without color, this picture may seem slightly bland at a first glance, but after further investigation, it really is quite interesting. The picture is depicting a transaction, an exchanging of a physics book. Although the picture is of only two arms holding on to a physics book, we assume that it is being given from one arm to the other, simply because the two arms obviously do not belong to the same person. Perhaps this is an interesting way to hold hands, but I would suggest that it is probably the case that one person is giving the physics book to another.
Although there is no color, there are a number of different things in this picture that can catch a person’s eye. The grass in the background looks slightly dead and does not look like it is lush and green as one might expect in the middle of spring. Also, the two people are at a corner on the sidewalk somewhere as you can see the two paths going off in different directions. Another interesting thing about the picture is the ring on the left person’s hand. Even without color, it shines and is very obvious. The physics book appears to be in really good shape and looks like it was probably purchased at the beginning of the fall or spring semester of this school year. It can also be seen that this is the third edition of this physics book that is written by a person who’s last name is Walker. It appears that the person on the left is a female and the person on the right is a male. It appears this way because the arm on the left is much smaller and looks much smoother as most female arms do. The arm on the right is much larger than the one on the left and is also much hairier and looks a lot rougher than the one on the left.
I would say that there is also much more to this picture than what is actually seen. The process of exchanging a book could be looked at as the process of exchanging knowledge. Of course the person receiving the book has to do something with it and we have no idea whether or not that actually happens at some time in the future. Also, the picture could be capturing the idea of taking different paths at a time in one’s life. The sidewalk forks as mentioned earlier and it could be that the physics book is given away at this juncture in one person’s life. We do not know who is receiving the book and who is giving it because the situation is frozen in time by the camera. All we know is that one person is giving another a physics book. Although this is the case, much can still be taken from a picture like this.

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