Participatory & Living Guide to Designing the Physical Campus and Student Life

The wikiPlan is interdependent with the tectipedia since it is on the basis of the photographic and descriptive record that projects are chosen, and the campus subsequently built. The wikiPlan is also related to the MSUB Campus Master Plan, but is complementary to it, for the wikiPlan is an open, living document whose focus is the bodily, "user-friendly" scale of built form, employing a DIY ethic, whereas the Master Plan is hierarchical, fixed, and concerned with large-scale forms requiring significant investment.

Beginning Contribution
Work with Facilities Services to identify areas needing repair
Maintain Old projects, or
Remove Old projects (four sites) put in new
Answer: Employ campus maintenance day at beginning of year (organized by Philosophies of Life Class)

Facilities Services has turf to protect, limited budget for upkeep. Focus is on buildings and large-scale works.
To whom does the physical campus belong?
How can we collaborate?
FacSer wants to begin with way-finding structure

User friendly campus that encourages gathering and lingering
Campus usable for learning in its physical aspects: areas for working together (construction grounds), storage facility, freedom to redesign at particular levels at a whim.
Beautiful forms
Unique, specific, place-rich
Network of philosophical (i.e. educational) sites encouraging specific learning practices (discourse, observation, meditation, walking, )

(date identified, date resolved, resolution)
Very few picnic tables, seating areas designed for conversation, gathering, lingering (1st summer session 2007, ___, ) (existing tables)
Learning spaces are restricted to classrooms, labs, lecture halls (1st summer session 2007, traditional indoor settings)
Lack of student control over physical campus (1st summer session 2007)
Lack of student involvement/concern/interest(1st summer session 2007)
Lack of freedom for students to be involved (1st summer session 2007) (proposed solutions: focus groups/surveys/experiment, use of Buck’s classes to serve as student working group)
Problem of continuity of student participation (1st summer session 2007)
Existing seating is uncomfortable, non-conversational, poorly oriented, in bad locations (near smoking area, isolated, inexplicable places) (1st summer session 2007)

Beginning of year (September, October) forum (online, multiple sessions at varying times: am, pm) to introduce students/faculty to campus. “The MSUB Campus in the Morning”, “… at Noon”, “… at Sundown”; promote wikiplan.

Guidebook/Pattern Book to design for succeeding classes
Good Patterns present
Memorial garden – semi-enclosed quiet space
Peaks-to-Plains Park - Imitation forest and stream
Water places

Patterns needed
Educational Seating areas (link: plan for LA-SCI-ED rockpile intersection).

Proposed Solutions:

Outdoor classroom (summer 2007)
Idea-well (place) (Summer 2007)
wind chimes (fall 2007)
bird watch (fall 2007)
fruit garden (fall 2007)
greek temple (fall 2007)
book exchange cabinet (fall 2007)
flower of life roof painting (fall 2007)
Meditation Hut (fall 2007)

Designs composed
Meditation Hut

Suggested Strategies
Situationally specific, but choosing from cooperative, resistive/antagonistic/provocative, self-determining/non-cooperative

To Use the wikiPlan

Explore the tectipedia in order to learn the tectonic language that the campus implicitly employs.
Explore public criticisms to see what others have said about the physical campus. Add your own.
Explore the proposals for new design. Add your own.
Explore what has been built.

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